About us

Liberia Cement Corporation (CEMENCO) is part of the Heidelbergcement Group, a world leader in cement production. CEMENCO operates in the capital Monrovia. The company is the main supplier in the country. The engagement dates back to 1968.
CEMENCO is the only cement manufacturing and distribution company in Liberia certified ISO 9001: 2015. CEMENCO is engaged in the ISO 14001: 2015 (Environment) and IMS 45001 certification process.
Customer satisfaction, as well as the preservation of the environment and safety at work are the leitmotiv of our entity.

Sharing our Vision

To be a world class local business building a better and Sustainable future For Liberia.

Building Our Mission

To create value in the building materials sector through the innovative and sustainable use of natural resources for the benefit of our communities and customers.

    Our history

    1968: Scancem starts Cement Mill 1. Throughput 15 tph.

    1978: Second mill commissioning, 15 tph.

    2013: to meet national demand, a new generation of grinding mill was set up at CEMENCO, 65 tph.

    2018: CEMENCO is the first Liberian cement manufacturer to obtain ISO 9001 standard certification.

    2019: To respond to the entire Liberian market, CEMENCO is engaged in the construction of a new cement silo, an increase in the total capacity of its mill (90 tph), as well as in a second line of cement bagging machine, and vacuum palletizer. In addition, CEMENCO is committed to ISO 14000 certification (environmental standard), as well as IMS 4500, including Safety at work.

    2020: CEMENCO inaugurated the STATE-OF-THE-ART PRODUCTION FACILITY on January 16, 2020, by the President of Liberia His Excellency George M. Weah.

    2021: The Liberia Cement Corporation-CEMENCO on September 20, 2021, renewed its ISO 9001:2015 certificate for three years (September 20, 2021, to October 01, 2024). The certificate was renewed after a rigorous audit conducted by the Certification Body-CERTIQUALITY of Milano (MI)-Italy.

    2023: The Liberia Cement Corporation (CEMENCO) took a significant step towards reducing the high construction costs in Liberia by introducing its latest cement product, "Superplast 22.5X," which is now available on the Liberian market. This cement serves maximum results for block laying, tile laying, and plastering at a minimum cost. Mr. William P.H. Gaignard, the company's Managing Director, officially launched the product at CEMENCO's headquarters on Monday, September 18, 2023. He emphasized the historical importance of this product, highlighting its overall affordability, making it accessible for all Liberians to build their homes at a lower cost.

    Cemenco pointed out that while some individuals can afford to purchase cement for $8 per bag, others cannot. "Cemenco has introduced the new "Superplast" cement to address this disparity." We expressed our desire to witness a shift from mud houses to sustainable and economical homes and to provide homeownership opportunities to all Liberians. "Today marks a significant moment in our journey here at Cemenco. When we do business, we must assess our market position. Are we the leader? If not, we must find solutions to become the leader. If we are the leader, we must find solutions to maintain our position. This requires innovation, understanding the citizens, and working towards sustainable solutions" said Mr. William P.H. Gaignard Cemenco's Managing Director.

    Mr. Gaignard also highlighted Cemenco's commitment to developing the construction sector in Liberia, emphasizing that their mission extends beyond selling cement to improving the population's economic well-being. Introducing this new cement product is expected to lower construction costs, making it more affordable for all Liberians.


    With regards to investment, Cemenco is engaged on geographical expansion and diversification program.

    Palletizer Shrink Wrap Pallet Less: used to enhance our sales in the various regions during the wet season where the road condition is going to be deplorable and impassable.


    Liberia Cement Corporation

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